Hi, I'm Gerry.

Software Engineer | AYCE Sushi addict |
Proud owner of a shiba inu

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A little bit about me

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Builder of Things

Full Stack Engineering,
Web & Distributed Systems

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BASc. Mechatronics Engineering

Option in Management Sciences,
University of Waterloo

Building with impact since 2017

					class Me {
  static first_name = 'Gerry';
  static last_name = 'Saporito';
  static pronouns = 'he/him';
  static nationality = 'canadian';
  static education = {
    school: 'University of Waterloo',
    degree: 'BASc. Mechatronics Engineering & Option in Management Sciences',
    graduation_year: 2022
  constructor () {}
  greeting() {
    const intro = `Hi! I'm ${this.first_name}.`;
    const greeting = 'Nice to e-meet you.';
    const description = 'Engineering is a way for me to express my creativity and solve problems.';
    const messages = [intro, greeting, description];
    for (const message of messages) {
I started my journey towards becoming a software engineer in fall 2017. I was introduced to C++ in my first year of university and transitioned to web development through Udemy soon after.

Since then I have come to love the ability to create things. My curiosity has taken me everywhere from web apps to artificial intelligence and I have designed and built platforms for different needs and purposes. I have also had the opportunity to flex my knowledge (and learn a lot more) at companies in a wide variety of industries (higher education & e-commerce to name a few) and freelanced making personalized Content Management Systems (CMSs) for non-technical individuals in my spare time.

Today, I co-founded a startup called Lumaki Labs to help build the next generation workforce by allowing employers to tap into early talent. As my co-op experiences have been an integral part in my career development, this was an opportunity to give back to the next generation of students.

So far my journey has been everything except linear. There have been many late nights and its been full of challenges but it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if it was any other way.

Meet Primo, my shiba inu

Primo is one of the best companions I could ever ask for. As a software engineer, he is my incredible sidekick who helps me in more ways than one.

With him around, my overall stats as a software engineer increase by roughly 20% through the power of doge. We (I) work through our problems together and with his help we solve all sorts of challenges.

His other role is to notify me when I need screen breaks (which is code to take him on walks) or when there are possible intruders at the front door (the best alarm I could ever ask for). He will wake me up regardless of whether I’m deep in sleep or code sprints.