What is a perceptron?

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A neural network is an interconnected system of perceptrons, so it is safe to say perceptrons are the foundation of any neural network. Perceptrons can be viewed as building blocks in a single layer in a neural network, made up of four different parts: Input Values or One Input Layer Weights and Bias Net sum Activation function […]

How does a neural network make predictions?

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Recently, neural networks have grabbed a lot of attention. They are a computing system of interconnected nodes and act similarly to how a brain functions. This system clusters large, raw data sets, and by finding patterns they can then solve very complex problems and classify inputs or even make difficult predictions. The most amazing part? […]

Adversarial Attacks on Intrusion Detection Systems

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in a very short period of time. Alan Turing, a pioneer computer scientist, published the first paper on the possibility of machines that can think in 1950. In less than a century, humans have created machines and programs that can compute and comprehend very large amounts of […]

A Deeper Dive into the NSL-KDD Data Set

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Have you ever wondered how your computer/network is able to avoid being infected with malware and bad traffic inputs from the internet? The reason why it can detect it so well is because there are systems in place to protect your valuable information held in your computer or networks. These systems that detect malicious traffic inputs […]

The Potential of an Intrusion Detection System Generative Adversarial Network (IDSGAN)

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It is known that Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are weak against adversarial attacks and research is being done to prove the ease of breaking these systems. Many have begun to recognize the flaws in machine learning, and consequently, a framework called Intrusion Detection System Generative Adversarial Network (IDSGAN) is proposed to create adversarial attacks, which […]

The Struggle of Modern Day Intrusion Detection Systems

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In today’s day and age, security is the buzz of the tech world. Questions and concerns revolving around privacy and the safety of users personal information are always being brought up time and time again, with good reason. Users are frequently updating their personal information, their location, and more on a daily basis from their […]